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Kevin Noble Maillard Pens "Black Panther" Article for The New York Times

Monday 2/19/2018

... In 23 years as an educator specializing in the relationships of law, society and entertainment in the construction of racial norms and beliefs, I had been keenly following the hype surrounding “Black Panther” and the argument that the story of an African superhero would benefit black children’s self-esteem ...

Kevin Noble Maillard

"Threat to Our Democracy": William Banks Quoted by the NY Daily News on Russian Election Meddling

Monday 2/19/2018

... “These indictments remind us that the Mueller investigation has always first and foremost been about Russian interference in the election,” said William Banks, a professor at Syracuse University Law School. “Just about everyone but the President has characterized their interference as a serious threat to our democracy” ...

William C. Banks

William C. Banks Discusses Manafort Money Laundering Case with Bloomberg Law

Friday 2/16/2018

William Banks, a professor at Syracuse University Law School, discusses why the judge in Paul Manafort’s money-laundering case is complaining that there have been too many secret filings in the case ...

William C. Banks

Shubha Ghosh Discusses Uber/Alphabet Self-Driving Car Suit with The Washington Post

Tuesday 2/13/2018

... A loss would have been “devastating,” for Uber, valued at $72 billion according to its most recent round, said Shubha Ghosh, director of the Technology Commercialization Law Center at Syracuse University’s College of Law. Alphabet was seeking damages of $1 billion ...

Shubha Ghosh

William C. Banks Expertise in Demand as FISA Court Remains in the News

Tuesday 2/6/2018

William C. Banks, Director of the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT), has long studied the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the FISA Court (or FISC), which was established under the FISA in 1978. The FISA Court oversees requests, often by the FBI, for warrants to surveil foreign intelligence agents and, occasionally, US persons suspected of working with foreign agents ...

William C. Banks

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