Courier Services

Please note: You can help us better serve you by letting us know if you have a deadline and by prioritizing multiple requests.

Books, Journals, and other circulating library materials

Circulation staff will deliver circulating Law Library materials to your office.  For scheduling information or to request a pick-up of library materials, please contact Circulation staff at 443-9560 or e-mail

Document Delivery Services

Circulation staff will deliver articles or other documents printed from Hein Online or other databases.  Please contact a Reference Librarian at 443-9572 or if you need assistance with online databases or other research tasks.

Book Returns to & Deliveries from the Syracuse University Libraries system

The Law Library can request the delivery of books and other items from the Syracuse University Libraries as well as return items on your behalf.  For returns, please attach a note indicating their destination and hand them to a Circulation staff member.

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