Library Facilities

If you have any questions about our facilities or services, or are unable to locate the material you are looking for, please ask a Reference Librarian.

Location Guide

To help you familiarize yourself with the Law Library and locate the material you need, please see our Location Guide.

General Policies

Links to some of the Law Library’s general policies and services are provided below. For additional information about the library, please check our home page, or contact a Reference Librarian.

Computing, Photocopying & Printing Services

There are two areas in the Law Library with desktop computers designated for student research and computing needs.  On Floor 2, PCs are located near the restrooms and on Floor 1, they are near the windows around the Reserve Room.  The Law Library computers are used by a large number of patrons. Because of this, please be sure to log off when you are finished.

Student printers are located near the restrooms on Floors 1 and 2.  The printers are also photocopiers and scanners.  To photocopy, you must have a College of Law copy card.  The card is also needed to scan documents.

A congressionally designated depository for U.S.Government documents logo
A congressionally designated depository for U.S.Government documents.