Study Space

Library study spaces
The Law Library offers a number of different study spaces to accommodate your needs. As you walk through the library you will notice some comfortable lounge chairs, numerous study carrels, and large tables.

Be sure to check them all out, and decide which best suits you.

Group Study Rooms

Many law students find it helpful to work in groups, whether on a course project or when studying for finals.  Recognizing this need, the library has a number of group study rooms on Floor 2.  These rooms must be reserved at the Circulation Desk and are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Computer Access

There are two areas in the Law Library with desktop computers.  On the second floor, there are 16 PCs for law student use. There are additional PCs near the windows around the Reserve Room.  These computers are limited to law student use and require a NetID login.  Two workstations on Floor 1 do not require a login and are open to non-law patrons.

Laptops & Wireless

Wherever you choose to study in the Law Library, you will be able to access AirOrangeX, Syracuse University‚Äôs wireless network service, with your laptop.  To find out more about using AirOrangeX, please see our Wireless Access web page.  

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