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Honorbe, Tony, 1921- Ulpian : pioneer of human rights / 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, 2002. Roman law History Sources.
KJC5146.T47 G85 2002  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Guidelines on human rights and the fight against terrorism : adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 11 July 2002 at the 804th meeting of the Ministe Council of Europe Pub., c2002. Human rights Europe.
      Terrorism Europe.
KJC5154.A52 C372 2002  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Freedom of expression in Europe : case law concerning Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights. Council of Europe Pub., 2002. Human rights Europe.
      Freedom of speech Europe Digests.
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Cavallar, Georg, 1962- Rights of strangers : theories of international hospitality, the global community, and political justice since Vitoria / Ashgate, c2002. Hospitality.
      International law Philosophy.
      Justice and politics.
      Strangers Civil rights.
      International relations and culture.