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KZ1190 .I58 2003  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  International war crimes trials : making a difference? : proceedings of an interdisciplinary conference at the University of Texas School of Law, Aust The University of Texas at Austin School of Law, c2004. War crime trials Congresses.
KZ1203 .K47 2004  -  Law Library - Floor 2
Kerr, Rachel. International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia : an exercise in law, politics, and diplomacy / Oxford University Press, 2004. Yugoslav War Crime Trials, Hague, Netherlands, 1994-
KZ1269 .S43 2003  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Secession and self-determination / New York University Press, c2003. Minorities Legal status, laws, etc.
      Self-determination, National.
      Separatist movements.
KZ6515 .M85 2004  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Multilateral treaty framework : an invitation to universal participation : focus 2004 : treaties on the protection of civilians = Traitbes multilatber United Nations, 2004. Human rights.
      War Protection of civilians.
KZA1047 .L39 2004  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Law of the sea : obligations of states parties under the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea and complementary instruments. United Nations, c2004. International law.
      Maritime law.
      Law of the sea.
LB2369 .B246 2004  -  Law Library - Floor 2
Ballenger, Bruce P. Curious researcher : a guide to writing research papers / 4th ed. Pearson/Longman, c2004. Report writing Handbooks, manuals, etc.
      Research Handbooks, manuals, etc.