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JX626 1954 .E8 no. 180  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Convention on Information and Legal Co-operation concerning "Information Society Services" = Convention sur l'information et la coopberation juridique Council of Europe, 2002. Information services Europe Union countries.
JX626 1954 .E8 no. 181  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Additional Protocol to the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, regarding supervisory au Council of Europe, 2002. Data protection European Union countries.
      Privacy, Right of European Union countries.
JX626 1954 .E8 no. 182  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Second Additional Protocol to the European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters = Deuxiaeme protocole additionnel aa la convention euro Council of Europe, 2002. Criminal jurisdiction European Union countries.
      Judicial assistance European Union countries.
JX626 1954 .E8 no. 183  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  European Convention for the Protection of the Audiovisual Heritage = Convention europbeenne relative aa la protection du patrimoine audiovisuel. Council of Europe, 2002. Audio-visual archives European Union countries.
JX626 1954 .E8 no. 184  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Protocol to the European Convention for the Protection of the Audiovisual Heritage, on the Protection of Television Productions = Protocole aa la Conv Council of Europe, 2002. Television archives European Union countries.
JX626 1954 .E8 no. 185  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Convention on Cybercrime = Convention sur la cybercriminalitbe. Council of Europe, 2002. Computer crimes European Union countries Prevention.
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  Legal affairs. Legal Affairs, Inc., 2002- Law Periodicals.