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KF9242 .A735 2002  -  Law Library
  Adjudicative competence : the MacArthur studies / Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, c2002. Competency to stand trial United States Statistics.
      Competency to stand trial Research Statistical methods.
      Competency to stand trial.
      Competency to stand trial United States.
KF9430.A316 U83 2002  -  Law Library
  USA Patriot Act : a legislative history of the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Ter W.S. Hein, 2002. Terrorism United States Legislative history.
      Terrorism United States Prevention History Sources.
KF9635 .A92 2001  -  Law Library
Abbell, Michael. Extradition to and from the United States / Transnational Publishers, c2001. Extradition United States.
KF9760 .A23 2001  -  Law Library
Abbell, Michael. Obtaining evidence abroad in criminal cases / Transnational Publishers, c2001. Judicial assistance United States.
      Evidence, Criminal United States.
      Letters rogatory United States.
KFN5075 .N49 2002  -  Law Library - Reference
  New York law reports : style manual / Official ed. West Group, 2002. Annotations and citations (Law) New York (State).
      Legal composition.
      Law reporting New York (State).
KJE5142 .B45 2002  -  Law Library - Floor 2
Bell, Mark. Anti-discrimination law and the European Union / Oxford University Press, 2002. Discrimination Law and legislation European Union countries.