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JC312 .I58 2000  -  Law Library - Floor 2
International Conference on the Right to Self-Determination & the United Nations (1st : 2000 : Geneva, Switzerland) In pursuit of the right to self-determination : collected papers & proceedings of the First International Conference on the Right to Self-Determinatio Clarity Press, 2001. Human rights Congresses.
      Race relations Congresses.
      Ethnic relations Congresses.
      Self-determination, National Congresses.
JC571 .G783 2001  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Dealing with human rights : Asian and Western views on the value of human rights / Greber Pub. ; WorldView Pub. ; Kumarian Press, in association with the Netherlands Humanist Committee on Human Rights (HOM), 2001. Human rights.
      Human rights Cross-cultural studies.
JC574 .R45 2001  -  Law Library - Floor 2
Owen, J. Judd. Religion and the demise of liberal rationalism : the foundational crisis of the separation of church and state / University of Chicago Press, 2001. Church and state.
JF494 .D35 2001  -  Law Library - Floor 2
  Dangerous democracy? : the battle over ballot initiatives in America / Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2001. Referendum United States.