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KF850 .K49 2004  -  Law Library - Reserves
Keyes, W. Noel. Government contracts in a nutshell / 4th ed. Thomson/West, c2004. Government purchasing Law and legislation United States.
      Public contracts United States.
KF1024 .H63 2004  -  Law Library
Hobbs, Robert J. Fair debt collection / 5th ed. National Consumer Law Center, c2004. Collection agencies Law and legislation United States.
      Collection laws United States.
      Consumer credit Law and legislation United States.
KF1446 .H272 2003  -  Law Library
Hardesty, David E. Practical guide to corporate governance and accounting : implementing the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act / 2004 ed. Warren, Gorham & Lamont, c2003. Auditing, Internal.
      Audit committees.
      Corporations Accounting Standards.
      Corporate governance.
      Corporations Accounting Corrupt practices.
      Securities fraud.
      Legal ethics.
      Disclosure in accounting.
      Directors of corporations.
      Securities Auditing.
KF1652 .G44 2004  -  Law Library
Gellhorn, Ernest. Antitrust law and economics in a nutshell / 5th ed. Thomson/West, c2004. Antitrust law Economic aspects United States.
      Antitrust law United States.