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CALI & Other Lessons

CALI (Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction)
SU College of Law students and faculty have access to the CALI collection of interactive exercises for law students. Covering many legal subject areas, hundreds of lessons have been designed to assist students in mastering legal concepts.  The lessons are useful as study aids, practice exams, or class exercises.

Lessons can run right from the CALI website or be downloaded to a PC.  Some lessons are not available in a web accessible format and must be downloaded to a PC.  Review the instructions on each individual lesson page to determine how a lesson will run.  First year students receive a CALI CD from the Law Library during orientation week; the CD contains additional information about the lessons.  Extras are generally available; inquire at the Circulation or Reference Desk.

To access lessons directly from the CALI website:
In order to access the lessons via the web, College of Law users must register on the CALI website.  To register, College of Law users need the authorization code for our law school.  Send a message to: reference@law.syr.edu or stop by the Circulation or Reference Desk to obtain the code.

Lexis Tutorials
Lexis offers a variety of tutorials including online exercises on case finding, statute finding, updating and more. A Lexis ID is needed to access this site.

Westlaw Tutorials
An assortment of study guides, tutorials, and other online instructional resources are available from Westlaw. A Westlaw password is needed to access this site.