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College of Law News

Power on the Go: ILC Assists HopLite Power with Commercializing Novel Smartphone Charging Technology

Friday 8/16/2019

It’s a frustration many can relate to. You’re on the go with your smartphone, juggling business and personal calls and texts, when you suddenly realize you’re low on power. No worries. Just dip into a friendly café with your charger and power up while you are getting coffee’d up. So you reach into your bag for the charging cable ...


HopLite Power

Professor Shubha Ghosh Discusses Cayuga Nation's Defamation Lawsuit Against Showtime

Thursday 8/15/2019

“Halftown is a public figure and it’s a lot harder to force a public figure to bring a defamation lawsuit,” said Shubha Ghosh, a Syracuse University law professor. “The standard is higher.” Ghosh says the Nation has to prove more happened than just damage to their reputation ...


Shubha Ghosh

Professor Cora True-Frost Participates in Exchanging Hemispheres Program

Tuesday 8/13/2019

From Aug. 5-7, 2019, Professor Cora True-Frost participated in the Exchanging Hemispheres program at Mackenzie Law School, part of Mackenzie Presbyterian University, a private university in São Paulo, Brazil. True-Frost taught the short course “Comparative Constitutional Rights: US Supreme Court and STF Cases”.


Law Library Fall Hours Posted

Friday 8/9/2019

​The Law Library has posted service hours for Fall 2019 on its Law Library Hours web page.


Professor Corri Zoli Comments on Foreign Countries' US Travel Warning

Thursday 8/8/2019

Japan joins list of countries warning of U.S. travel, Venezuela lists Tennessee city

(WZTV Nashville, TN | Aug. 7, 2019) Japan has joined a list of countries issuing travel alerts for the United States in the wake of two mass shootings over the weekend.

The country of Venezuela warned their citizens to avoid cities they called the “20 most dangerous in the world,” based on a report from Forbes Magazine. Among the cities listed are Memphis, Tennessee, Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia ...

... A national security expert from Syracuse University called the travel advisories likely political in nature. Corrine Zoli, Director of Research for the university’s Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism says “there is likely a political message embedded in especially Venezuela’s travel alert in light of President Trump’s announcement on Monday of expanding US sanctions, which will freeze all Venezuelan government assets and ban all Americans from doing business with Maduro’s administration.”

Read the Full Article.


Corri Zoli

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