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College of Law News

Fashion Looks to Paris (Agreement): Professor Mark Nevitt Speaks to WWD

Friday 1/22/2021

“Rejoining the Paris Agreement is a signal to the world that the U.S. ‘is back’ on the international climate stage,” said Mark Nevitt ...


Mark P. Nevitt

Criminalizing Speech? Professor Roy Gutterman L'00 Talks to CNN

Thursday 1/21/2021

“The categories of speech that we criminalize are really specific and narrow, and narrow for a reason. I’m not sure a new category of illegal hate speech would really comport with the First Amendment ...”


Roy Gutterman

South China Morning Post Taps Professor Corri Zoli for Inauguration Comment

Thursday 1/21/2021

“He referenced the depth of his commitment to the nation (Constitution, etc.) by using Lincoln’s commitment ‘by his very soul’ to the Emancipation Proclamation—important for those who worry Biden is not up to the task.”


Corri Zoli

The Legal Examiner Talks to Professor William C. Banks About Domestic Terrorism Cases

Wednesday 1/20/2021

“I think it’s not a one-off,” said William C. Banks, law professor at Syracuse University College of Law. “We’re in a very critical period right now that might even abate or reverse itself. I’m hopeful that it will. I think we’re going to have to see.”


William C. Banks

College of Law Adds Vincent H. Cohen '92, L'95 to Its Board of Advisors

Tuesday 1/19/2021

Syracuse University College of Law is pleased to announce the addition of Vincent H. Cohen ‘92, L’95—Partner at Dechert LLP, based in Washington, DC—to its Board of Advisors. Cohen is widely recognized and honored for his work in high-stakes litigation and investigations, representing global industry leaders in the technology, finance, and defense sectors. Also a member of the Syracuse University Board of Trustees, he embodies the talent, leadership, and public service found throughout the College’s diverse alumni community.


Vincent Cohen Jr. '92, L'95

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