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College of Law News

WAER Interviews Professor Mary Szto About Experiences with Anti-Asian Hate

Monday 4/5/2021

“We wanted to promote the model assimilative minority myth, which as we know was fulfilling several goals, right,” said Szto. “To unfortunately drive a wedge among minorities and then to basically, again put Asians in a box, by labelling them as a model of assimilation.”


Mary Szto

Professor William C. Banks Speaks to El Paso Matters About UTEP Cyberattack

Friday 4/2/2021

William C. Banks, a professor of law emeritus at Syracuse University, says an outage could be expected to take weeks or longer to repair. “A lot of the damage requires rebuilding an internal system and that’s not something you can just flip the switch and it’s done,” he said ...


William C. Banks

CCJI Helps Launch Wharlest and Exerlena Jackson Legacy Project

Thursday 4/1/2021

To honor the sacrifice and memory of two civil rights activists from Natchez, MS, Syracuse University College of Law’s Cold Case Justice Initiative (CCJI) helped launch the Wharlest and Exerlena Jackson Legacy Project with a two-day virtual symposium for public junior and senior high school students in both Natchez and Syracuse on March 26-27, 2021.


Wharlest and Exerlena Jackson Legacy Project

Joe Di Scipio L’95 Gives DCEx Students an Inside Look at Political Advertising Issues

Tuesday 3/30/2021

On March 22, 2021, students from the Spring 2021 DCEx Program heard from Joseph Di Scipio L’95, who offered a seminar discussing FCC compliance issues for broadcasting stations.


Joseph Di Scipio L'95

Professor Corri Zoli Speaks to SCMP About Xinjiang, Global Brands, and Human Rights

Tuesday 3/30/2021

Corri Zoli, director of research at the Institute for Security Policy and Law at Syracuse University in New York, called accounts of abuse in Xinjiang from groups including Human Rights Watch “increasingly reliable” and said they buttressed the UN working group’s investigations ...


Corri Zoli

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