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College of Law News

Commentary: Trump’s Role Model

Tuesday 7/30/2019

US President Donald Trump and his advisers have evidently learned a great deal from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán about racist immigration policies and how to destroy a democracy. Trump is not making America great or even good; he is making it Hungarian ...


David Driesen

Carla Villarreal Lopez: A Rising Career in International Disability Rights

Monday 7/29/2019

Before arriving in Syracuse to pursue her Master of Laws degree, Carla Villarreal Lopez LL.M. ‘17 was already an experienced human rights lawyer. In her native Peru she served as a Commissioner at the Ombudsman’s Office, as well as a professor at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Today, with her master’s degree and impressive awards added to her résumé, Villarreal Lopez is supporting the mandate of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the heart of the international law community, in Geneva, Switzerland ...


Carla Villarreal Lopez LL.M. '17 standing at the Alley of the Flags, Palais Des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.

Solar Cell Manufacturer’s “Flexible” Approach Brings Renewable Energy to Unprecedented Places

Wednesday 7/24/2019

​... One clean tech company, however, has been designed specifically to embrace change and stay abreast of these constant transformations. Meet Pvilion, a client of the New York State Science and Technology Law Center (NYSSTLC), part of the Syracuse University College of Law’s Innovation Law Center ...


Pvilion’s flexible solar panels can be integrated into clothing, as shown with this prototype jacket.

Can the President Do Whatever He Wants? Professor William C. Banks Clarifies for The Washington Post

Wednesday 7/24/2019

William C. Banks, a professor of law at Syracuse University, told The Washington Post on Tuesday that Trump’s comments are an affront to “basic points that every schoolchild learns in civics” ...


William C. Banks

Dean Boise Visits DCEx Participants at the American Chemistry Council

Monday 7/22/2019

Michael P. Walls L’84, Vice President of Regulatory and Technical Affairs for the American Chemistry Council (ACC), welcomed Dean Craig M. Boise and DCEx participants to the trade association in July 2019, where they conducted an open dialog on the DCEx program and the College of Law ...


Dean Boise speaks with DCEx students in July 2019.

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