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College of Law News

Robin Paul Malloy Appointed to Central New York Research Corporation Board

Wednesday 7/25/2018

Distinguished Professor of Law Robin Paul Malloy has been appointed to the Board of the Central New York Research Corporation (CNYRC).

CNYRC was established in 1989 to conduct, promote, and support the medical research and education activities of the Syracuse, Canandaigua, and Bath VA medical centers and to advance the wellbeing of veterans and the general public by these endeavors ...


Robin Paul Malloy

David M. Crane Appointed Chair of UN Commission on Alleged Violations During Palestinian Protests

Tuesday 7/24/2018

Syracuse University College of Law and Professor of Practice and INSCT Faculty Member David M. Crane has been appointed Chair of a United Nations Human Rights Council Independent International Commission of Inquiry into alleged violations of international law “in the context of large-scale civilian protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory” that occurred during May 2018 ...


David M. Crane

Nina Kohn Discusses Barriers to the Ballot in Care Facilities with Huffington Post

Tuesday 7/24/2018

Access to the ballot for the 8.4 million residents of long-term care facilities nationwide is an issue of equity, said Nina Kohn, a professor at Syracuse University College of Law.

Running elections the way Greenspring does requires resources and a high degree of volunteer labor, which are more available at a facility where it costs several thousand dollars a month to live than at a nursing home funded by Medicaid, Kohn said ...


Nina A. Kohn

William C. Banks Explains the FISA Warrant Process to NBC News

Tuesday 7/24/2018

Probable cause is much lower than the reasonable doubt the standard required to convict someone of a crime. “It’s the probability of a possibility,” said William Banks, founding director of the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism at Syracuse University College of Law ...


William C. Banks

BBC World Speaks to Janis McDonald About Emmett Till Cold Case

Monday 7/23/2018

The US justice department has reopened its investigation into the murder of black teenager. In 1955 Emmett Till from Chicago was visiting relatives in the southern state of Mississippi when he was abducted and killed. Janis McDonald from the Cold Case Initiative said the new investigation had great significance for the Civil Rights Movement ...


Janis McDonald

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