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#FreeBritney: BBI's Jonathan Martinis Helps The New Yorker Review the Case

Posted on Friday 11/19/2021
Jonathan Martinis

How Britney Spears Got Free, and What Comes Next

(The New Yorker | Nov. 13, 2021) ... Spears’s case has illuminated the impossible bind that conservatees can sometimes find themselves in: once a person has been formally deemed incapacitated, she might well lose the opportunity to ever prove her capacity. Few people who wish to fight their conservatorship have the chance to show that they are able to do more than what their conservators imagine. 

“There are hundreds of thousands of other Britneys across the United States, people who aren’t famous, but who deserve the same rights we all take for granted—until they get taken away,” Jonathan Martinis, the senior director for law and policy at a Syracuse University center for disability rights, said. “#FreeBritney can’t end with Britney being free" ...

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