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Alum John Elmore L’84 Discusses Legal Representation of Buffalo Mass Shooting Victims' Families

Posted on Thursday 8/11/2022
John Elmore L'84

College of Law alum John Elmore L’84 was profiled by the Washington Post on his legal representation of families of victims of the Buffalo mass shooting along with a fascinating look at his life and contributions to the city of Buffalo. This includes his direct experience in the first FBI-documented high school shooting that happened at his high school in Olean, NY.

An excerpt from the Washington Post:

“How many of these attacks have we had just since Buffalo?” asked one pastor, as they sat together inside a church the shooter had reportedly visited and scouted as a potential target days before the attack at Tops.

“At least three off the top of my head,” an anti-gun activist said.

“It’s rinse-repeat, and that’s been going on for what, a decade?”

“Forty-seven years,” Elmore said. The other men turned to look at him. They’d met several times to address gun trafficking and endemic gun violence in Buffalo, but Elmore had never told them exactly how he’d come to care.

“During my senior year, the first FBI-documented high school shooting happened at my school in Olean,” he said. “The shooter was actually a classmate of mine. He lived right down the block.”

“You’re kidding. I’ve never even heard of it,” the pastor said, so Elmore began to tell them about Anthony Barbaro, and how he’d sneaked into the high school during winter vacation on Dec. 30, 1974, shot and killed a janitor on the third floor, and then broken into the empty student council room that offered the best view of the surrounding neighborhood.

The College of Law featured John in the 2020 Stories Book.