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Brown, Gallacher Present at LWI Biennial Conference

Posted on Monday 7/16/2018
Emily Brown L'09 and Ian Gallacher present at LWI Conference.
Professors Ian Gallacher and Emily Brown L'09 recently spoke at the Legal Writing Institute's  Biennial Conference, which took place at Marquette University Law School in Wisconsin from July 11-14, 2018. 

During a Scholarly Research/Work in Progress section, Brown spoke about the interdisciplinary "Climate Comments" project, which she directs. This website, developed by law students and undergraduate communications majors and funded by an SU Campus as a Laboratory for Sustainability Committee grant, helps to make complex environmental laws and regulations accessible to a general audience.

The Shakespeare-inspired title of Gallacher's workshop address echoes Hamlet's seemingly facile reply to Polonius when asked about his reading choice: "Words, Words, Words". In the workshop description, Gallacher explained that his presentation examines the role words play in the law: "I'll propose the idea that words have no meaning, and suggest that this might prove a problem for legal textualists. Paradoxically, or not, I'll use words to do this."

At the conference, Gallacher was presented with an award in recognition of his 10 years of service with the Journal of the the Association of Legal Writing Directors.