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College of Law Adjusts Deadlines & Policies for Fall 2020 Applicants

Posted on Friday 3/27/2020
College of Law

Syracuse University College of Law is taking several proactive steps to accommodate applicants planning to start law school in Fall 2020. These measures apply to all J.D. programs at the College of Law. 

Effective immediately, the College has issued the following updated guidelines:

  • The priority deadline of April 1, 2020, for Fall 2020 applications has been waived. 
  • The final deadline to submit a complete application is now Aug. 5, 2020, to accommodate the June 8 and July 13 scheduled LSAT test dates.
  • Applicants who have taken the GRE in the past five years are eligible to apply under the College’s LSAT waiver policy.  

Applicants may now apply before receiving test scores. In response to question two of the application form, enter your planned test date.The College will hold your application until your results are available. 

The admissions office is open, and all of services—including admissions counseling appointments—are available through video conferencing and by phone. Send an email to admissions@law.syr.edu to set up an appointment.

Visit law.syr.edu/admissions for additional information or to apply.