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College of Law Alumnus Introduces DCEx Externs to the Complex World of Political Ad Compliance

Posted on Friday 9/15/2017
DC Externs Meet Joseph Di Scipio

On Sept. 11, 2017, the Syracuse College of Law Fall 2017 Washington, DC, externs met Joseph M. Di Scipio L’95, a College of Law Honors Graduate and current Senior Vice President of Legal and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Compliance for 21st Century Fox.

One of Di Scipio’s responsibilities is reviewing the content of advertisements in order to determine whether or not they are within standards established by the FCC.  His presentation focused specifically on political advertisements and his role in determining whether the ad runs or is sent back to the producer for changes that will bring it into compliance. In relation to political ads produced by political action committees (PACs), this review mitigates the chances that 21st Century Fox will be subject to litigation from any number of sources, and particularly the political target of the advertisements. 

Di Scipio also walked the DCEx externs through the differences between political advertisements produced and approved by bona fide candidates on the federal, state, and local levels, concentrating on federal candidates. The externs viewed several political ads, and Di Scipio then solicited the assistance of the group to determine whether the ad would or would not be allowed to run or if it needed compliance changes. 

“The seminar was enlightening, and it was fun to work through the ads and listen to each interns reactions,” says Professor Terry L. Turnipseed, Faculty Director of Externship Programs.

After the seminar, the DCEx externs participated in their second networking event, getting an opportunity to meet influential capital region legal practitioners and gaining their perspectives on not just the Washington, DC, legal environment but the contemporary legal field as a whole.