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College of Law Criminal Law Society Co-Hosts “Serial” Podcast Creator Sarah Koenig

Posted on Wednesday 4/20/2016
Sarah Koenig with the College of Law Criminal Law Society

The College of Law Criminal Law Society co-hosted “Serial” Podcast creator/host Sarah Koenig as part of the University Lectures series. On April 12, Koenig addressed the highs and lows of creating the two successful seasons of Serial.

The morning following her university-wide talk, Criminal Law Society members and Associate Professor of aw Cora True-Frost enjoyed an informal conversation with Koenig. Over breakfast, Koenig covered the creation of “Serial,” her rise to fame, and offered an overview of the production process. In addition, Koenig shared her personal experiences and thoughts on the intersection of law and media. Koenig vented about some of the frustrations she faces as a journalist and the injustices she sees in the courtroom. 

Although she would not discuss the focus of “Serial” season 3, following the Bowe Bergdahl case that was the focus of season 2, Koenig assured the Criminal Law Society in a meeting that season 3 would tackle another compelling case.