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College of Law Students Meet with White House Advisor on Violence Against Women

Posted on Monday 4/18/2016
Astrid Quinones, Carrie Bettinger-Lopez, Karen Bryson, Nathalie Marin

A group of College of Law students recently met with Caroline “Carrie” Bettinger-López, the White House Advisor on Violence Against Women, during her visit to Syracuse University. Bettinger-López and the students discussed their interests, experiences and perspectives on violence against women issues. 

"The room was bustling with energy from all of us as we discussed her role and sexual assault on college campuses across the nation. Carrie Bettinger-López is a thinker, a mover, and an advocate and I hope the next presidential administration sees the value of having an Advisor for Violence Against Women to advance the way we treat violence against women,” said Nathalie Marin 3L.

Bettinger-López also addressed students attending a showing of the movie, “The Hunting Ground” as part of the University’s “It’s On Us” activities. The “It’s On Us” campaign is a national effort focused on getting people to rethink how they view sexual assault in that everyone has a role to play in ending sexual violence. Vice President Biden visited the University in the fall to personally start the “It’s on Us” campaign.

Astrid Quinones 1L, said, “As a law student interested in policy, I am in awe at how much can be done when there are people like Carrie Bettinger-López and Vice President Joe Biden making strides for such an important issue. I hope the momentum and focus on violence against women will continue.”

“The opportunity to talk with Carrie was tremendous. Being a law school professor, she was really able to engage with us on that level and enlighten us about ways we can put our legal education to great use on this issue right here on campus,” said Hillary Anderson 2L. “Carrie shed light on how law students have a particularly important role to play in changing campus culture. The Violence Against Women Act class cannot be where the conversation begins and ends. As law students and as a law school, we need to be doing more to make these issues a priority."

According to Professor Lynn Levey, who teaches a course on the Violence Against Women Act, interacting with Bettinger-López demonstrated to College of Law students how the theory and practice of law intersect to inform policy. “Vice President Biden has been a leader on issues related to violence against women since his time in the Senate. The “It’s on Us” campaign is an important example of how the law and policy initiatives at the highest levels of government can unite to impact campuses and communities.”

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