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College of Law’s Criminal Defense Clinic Attains Presidential Pardon for Client

Posted on Thursday 1/19/2017
Todd Berger

The College of Law’s Criminal Defense Clinic’s Presidential pardon petition for one of its clients has resulted in a full Presidential pardon from President Obama.

In 2014, the Criminal Defense Clinic, under the leadership of Director Todd Berger and Practitioner-in-Residence Jason Hoge and with the assistance of students Rachel Campbell L’14 and Jaclyn Morgese L’14 submitted a pardon application on behalf of Lisa Jandro. On January 17, 2017, the petition was one of 64 individuals to receive a pardon.

“Presidential pardons are extremely rare, so it is with great honor that the College of Law was able to help our client regain her basic civil rights,” said Berger. “This was the result of the hard work and dedication from our students, applying what they had learned in the classroom to work with a real client that had significant implications.”

In support of the petition, the Criminal Defense Clinic team worked with Jandro in her submission to the Office of the Pardon attorney and continued to work with her throughout the close to three-year process.  

Jandro was found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering in the District of Hawaii and was sentenced in 2000 to 33 months’ imprisonment.