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DCEx Student Lishayne King Completes Semester with Department of Commerce

Posted on Tuesday 5/2/2017
College of Law’s Lishayne King, to Secretary Ross' immediate left, with other Department of Commerce Interns

Wilbur Ross, the newly appointed Secretary for the Department of Commerce, recently held a meet and greet with the Department of Commerce interns from the Spring 2017 semester, including D.C. Externship Program participant Lishayne King 2L.

He discussed the important role of the Department of Commerce in making information available to the public, as the Department of Commerce oversees bureaus including NWS (National Weather Service), and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), among many others. Secretary Ross also briefly discussed how his prior banking and investing experiences helped to prepare him for his current role. 

Secretary Ross encouraged interns to become involved in public service at some point in their careers, as he has found working at the Department of Commerce to be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Following his remarks, Secretary Ross answered a few questions from the interns.