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DCEx and PhillyEx Students Hear from Distinguished Guest Lecturer Principal Assistant U.S. Attorney Alessio Evangelista L’95

Posted on Monday 1/27/2020
Spring 2020 DCEx and PhillyEx Students

Distinguished Guest Lecturer and Principal Assistant U.S. Attorney Alessio Evangelista L’95 recently hosted Spring 2020 DCEx and PhillyEx students at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia. Evangelista provides overall leadership and management to the Office, and he stands in for matters when the Chief U.S. Attorney is recused. The Office employs 350 attorneys and a similar number of supporting staff.

Evangelista began the seminar explaining that the District of Columbia office is the largest in the country due to its unique mission. The Office is responsible for the prosecution of all federal crimes, including terrorism, public corruption, firearms, and other offenses, as well as the prosecution of all local crimes committed by adults in the District.  Additionally, it represents the United States and its departments and agencies in civil proceedings filed in federal court in the District of Columbia.

Evangelista went on to describe his background and the experiences that led him to the Principal Deputy position. He then provided details related to their hiring process and the three rounds of interviews that candidates encounter during selection. According to Evangelista, the profile for a successful candidate generally comprises intellectual ability, some criminal prosecution or defense experience, and a genuine interest in the work. His message to the students was that pursuing work that they are passionate about will bolster their overall success as an attorney.