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DCEx Concludes Summer Semester with Distinguished Guest Lecturer Chris Beeler L’15

Posted on Friday 8/3/2018

On July 27th, Distinguished Guest Lecturer, Chris Beeler L’15, hosted the Summer 2018 DCEx Program at Arnold & Porter’s office in Washington, DC. Beeler joined Arnold & Porter as an associate about two years ago and works on cases involving national security, government contracting, and litigation. 

He began the seminar by describing his daily work and giving examples of services he provides to clients. He also spoke passionately about his pro bono work with a Syrian refugee. Overall, he described a rewarding and positive experience with the firm.

Later in the seminar, he brought in his military experience. Beeler was a Captain in the United States Army before law school and explained that it had a significant impact on his success as a lawyer. He shared a reading that was used in his leadership training called “Message to Garcia.” The students reflected on the story and had an insightful discussion on what makes a good employee. Beeler used it to encourage the students to become capable professionals who can handle responsibility. 

Finally, he shared his thoughts on law school and the inevitable job search, including interview tips and encouraged the students to show their true selves. He ended the seminar by fielding questions from the students and offering advice.