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Dean Boise Visits DCEx Participants at the American Chemistry Council

Posted on Monday 7/22/2019
Dean Boise speaks with DCEx students in July 2019.

Michael P. Walls L’84, Vice President of Regulatory and Technical Affairs for the American Chemistry Council (ACC), welcomed Dean Craig M. Boise and DCEx participants to the trade association in July 2019, where they conducted an open dialog on the DCEx program and the College of Law. 

DCEx participants shared with Dean Boise their work placement responsibilities and discussed the evolving legal profession. Dean Boise then spoke about the success of the College’s Externship Program in the Capital and its expansion into New York City, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, GA. Stressing the importance of externships, Dean Boise explained that “there is a huge difference between sitting in a classroom and only learning substantive law, versus learning the law and applying it in the actual workforce that students hope soon to join.” 

Dean Boise also spoke about core initiatives and new programs at the College, including the re-branded and re-configured Innovation Law Center; the revamping of the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism; the integration of Burton Blatt Institute within the law school; the Trial Advocacy Program’s inaugural Syracuse National Trial Competition; JDinteractive, the College’s online J.D. program; and the 3+3 program with three Atlanta-based HBCUs. 

Dean Boise’s visit with DCEx students at ACC concluded with a question and answer session, where participants raised concerns and posited ideas for the Externship Program and the College of Law.

Dean Boise speaks with DCEx students in July 2019.

Dean Boise speaks with DCEx students in July 2019.