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Dean Craig M. Boise's Statement on November 2019 Events at Syracuse University

Posted on Friday 11/22/2019
College of Law

As you may know, several incidents of hate speech and graffiti have occurred on and near the Syracuse University campus since early November. These incidents have caused pain and anxiety across the University community, and the care and safety of our students are our primary focus. Chancellor Kent Syverud is addressing concerns raised by students, and the University has made available multiple resources to ensure our University community remains safe.

The disquiet caused by these incidents on the University campus is shared by the entire College of Law community. I am proud that our law students have mobilized in support of one another and of their student colleagues across campus. Their acts of leadership, care, and solidarity reflect our resolve—we are stronger than those who sow hatred and division. 

Many of our students come to the College of Law to help reverse these kinds of ugly societal challenges. Here, the education they acquire and the skills they develop equip them to combat racial bias, intolerance, discrimination, bigotry, and hate. My goal as Dean is to maintain an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for every student at Dineen Hall. Together, we continue to work toward equity, inclusion, and opportunity for all. Our graduates will carry these core values with them wherever they choose to live and work, across our country and all over the world.


Craig M. Boise

Dean and Professor of Law