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DOT Honors Attorney Christopher Jennison L’16 Opens 2017 Summer D.C. Externship Program Seminar Series

Posted on Thursday 6/15/2017
Jennison Opens DC Externship Program

Syracuse Law recently began its 2017 Summer D.C. Externship Program with a seminar featuring recent alumnus Christopher Jennison L’16. The seminar series is part of a comprehensive externship program that builds on the College’s extensive alumni network in the capital region and commitment to experiential learning to provide students with a course of study and valuable legal experience in order to understand how lawyers function in the United States capital.

Distinguished Guest Lecturer Jennison is a former participant in the D.C. Externship Program himself and the first to return as a lecturer. He now works as an Honors Attorney in the U.S. Department of Transportation Office of General Counsel’s Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings. He spoke with the program’s current participants about the importance of networking and that the key to getting a job out of law school is to “apply, apply, apply,” emphasizing the importance of getting applications to prospective employers in good time.

Jennison said he credits his early career success to the fact that he spent time fortifying relationships with people he met through the D.C. Externship Program, in addition to sending out multiple job applications. Jennison also regaled the students with some interesting legal facts about aviation regulation and enforcement. For example, contrary to popular belief, turkeys actually can fly very well—in passenger airplanes as service animals!

Along with working at federal offices and a diverse array of organizations throughout the D.C. area—including at the Department of Justice, NASA, and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission—students in the externship program write a research paper on a relevant topic and participate in a series of seminars taught by faculty members and practicing lawyers, many of whom, like Jennison, are Syracuse Law graduates.  

The Syracuse Law D.C. Externship Program is offered to qualified second and third-year students three times a year, in the summer, fall, and spring semesters. The program is coordinated by Professor Terry L. Turnipseed, Faculty Director of Externship Programs.