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Insight Into Diversity Profiles College of Law's HBCU 3+3 Agreements

Posted on Monday 7/8/2019
A student studies in Dineen Hall.

(Insightintodiversity.com | June 21, 2019) For Syracuse University College of Law Dean Craig Boise, 10 percent African American enrollment in the 125-year-old college wasn’t good enough, even though that number is “pretty typical for law schools across the country,” he says.

The college hopes to double Black student enrollment within the next five years through a 3+3 admissions program, which is common in higher education. The idea is that it’s cheaper and quicker to complete two degrees when they’re bundled together. Syracuse’s program comes in the form of an agreement with three historically Black colleges or universities (HBCUs) in Atlanta: Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College.

Pre-law students who fulfilled the requisite coursework at their undergraduate institutions and meet admissions standards at Syracuse will be eligible to complete their bachelor’s and juris doctor degrees within six years, a year less than the typical seven.

“The problem from the standpoint of undergraduates going to law school is twofold,” Boise says. “One, cost is a big factor. Two, a lot of minority students, particularly African American students, come from a background where they have not had lawyers in their families or have not been exposed to the culture of … the profession" ...

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