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Lana Yaghi L’14 Discusses Cross-Border Commercial Law Practice with DCEx Students

Posted on Wednesday 2/12/2020
Lana Yaghi L'14

On Feb. 7, 2020, Distinguished Guest Lecturer and Senior Attorney at Miller Canfield Lana Yaghi L’14 discussed her cross-border commercial law practice in the aviation, cybersecurity, and defense industries with Washington, DC, externship (DCEx) students.

Yaghi described how she regularly advises US and foreign clients on their cross-border business activities, particularly the establishment of operations and negotiation of commercial arrangements in the state of Qatar and the United States. A significant portion of her cross-border work, she said, relates to the representation of clients in connection with the acquisition, sale, financing, and operation of corporate aircraft.

Yaghi began the seminar by candidly elaborating on her time practicing in Qatar. She said she started her career as an associate at a large international law firm, explaining that her willingness to practice overseas played a large part in her landing her first job at this firm. She answered questions about the job application process and gave a brief history of Qatar and its royal family. Qatar is a very small, but wealthy country, she explained, known for its production of natural gas. 

DCEx students were particularly interested in her aviation practice, and she explained the importance of producing high quality work in order to build a strong reputation in this relatively small industry. Answering questions about her first years of practice, Yaghi explained that young attorneys develop into experts in their field by working on similar projects over and over again, which at first seems challenging and eventually becomes second nature.