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Men's Health Magazine "Texts" Nina Kohn

Posted on Thursday 2/1/2018
Nina Kohn
Associate Dean for Research and Online Education and David M. Levy L'48 Professor of Law Nina Kohn was recently contacted by Men's Health magazine for its light-hearted but useful "Text a Lawyer" section. The question was about slip-and-falls on a person's property, an appropriate subject for a Syracuse law expert in the middle of winter ...

Text a Lawyer 

(January/February 2018)

Q: A guy just slipped on an ice patch 1n my drive­way. What do I do? 

A: Is he hurt? If so, take rea­sonable measures to help. It's the right thing and can protect you from liability. And if you're kind and fair, people are less likely to sue.

Q: Me again. Made sure he was okay. He banged his elbow. Maybe his back. Seems fine. Can he sue? 

A: Yes, but that doesn't mean he can win. Did you do something to cause the ice? Or was it hidden from view? 

Q: Nope, and nope. I got his number. Should I text him and say I'm sorry? 

A: Don't admit fault. Sounds like you're okay. You acted reasonably and doing the right thing is legally smart. And use salt next time, okay