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Nina Kohn Pens "JDinteractive: An Online Law Degree Program Designed to Expand Access to Justice" for NYSBA Journal

Posted on Tuesday 10/23/2018
Nina A. Kohn

In February 2018, the American Bar Association granted a variance to Syracuse University that will allow the College of Law to launch the nation's first fully interactive online J.D. program. This program - called JDinteractive (JDi) - will combine live online class sessions, self-paced online class sessions, in-person residential courses, and applied learning experiences.

This article describes the program and its implications for the legal profession and those the profession serves. Specifically, it discusses the potential of this rigorous, yet flexible, approach to legal education to reach talented students who cannot reasonably attend a residential law school. It then explores how the approach may help increase diversity within the legal profession, produce lawyers with client-relevant experience, and expand access to justice in underserved communities.

Read the article here