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On the 5th Anniversary of the Syrian Civil War, Professor Crane Directs Focus to the Victims

Posted on Tuesday 3/15/2016
David M. Crane

Professor of Practice David Crane has written on the 5th Anniversary of the Syrian Civil War (March 15) about the importance of documenting war crimes for future transitional justice.

In his article, “Five Years On, We Must Focus on Victims of Syria’s Atrocities,” Crane discusses the College of Law’s Syrian Accountability Project (SAP) and its work documenting sex crimes, culminating in an upcoming white paper. “SAP's work is of the utmost importance because one day it might be used in a Syrian special court, but only if the international community has the will to follow through on the wishes of the Syrian people for this or some other mechanism,” writes Crane.

Molly White 3L, chief registrar of the Syrian Accountability Project, contributed to the article.