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Private Antitrust Suits? Professor Shubha Ghosh Talks to The Washington Times

Posted on Monday 2/15/2021
Shubha Ghosh

"More powerful than Standard Oil:" Small newspaper chain challenges Big Tech

(The Washington Times | Feb. 11, 2021) A small West Virginia newspaper chain’s antitrust lawsuit against Google and Facebook is blazing a trail, industry insiders say, for news outlets struggling to get out from under the thumb of Big Tech.

Doug Reynolds, the founder and managing director of HD Media, filed the federal lawsuit without other news outlets.

More of this type of antitrust litigation seems certain, however, newspaper industry executives say ...

... “The private company can’t simply say, ‘I’m being harmed,’” said Shubha Ghosh, a law professor at Syracuse University. “You have to show harm to competition.”

Still, Mr. Ghosh envisioned some kind of class action litigation against Google and Facebook by various news media organizations that claim similar harm ...

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