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Professor Arlene Kanter Discusses Remote Work For Disabled Faculty with Reuters

Posted on Tuesday 9/7/2021
Arlene Kanter

U.S. workplaces look to college fights as return to work 'turning point' looms

(Reuters | Sept. 7, 2021) A legal battle is brewing over remote work between administrators at U.S. colleges committed to in-person classes and some faculty with disabilities. Experts warn it is a precursor of what awaits employers that order staff back to the office amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employment lawyers said higher education provides a key test of who can work remotely because it is a profession traditionally associated with in-person work.

But COVID-19 lockdowns proved what disabled teachers have argued for years -- that online teaching can be a successful way to accommodate them ...

... Court rulings over the past 15 years on remote work often sided with employers without requiring much evidence that telecommuting was unreasonable, said Arlene Kanter, a professor at Syracuse University College of Law. She expects that to change, thanks to the pandemic ...

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