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Professor Corri Zoli Discusses Islamic Law of Armed Conflict During Anethum Global Webinar

Posted on Tuesday 5/19/2020
Corri Zoli

Professor Corri Zoli presented her research into “How and Why Islamic Law Approaches Apply to Modern Conflicts in Postconflict Justice” during the webinar "Long Before Nuremberg: Islamic Law of Armed Conflict" on May 19, 2020.

Presented by Anethum Global, in cooperation with the International Bar Association's War Crimes Committee, the webinar provided an introductory discussion on centuries of Islamic law addressing armed conflict, including military targeting, prisoners of war, protection of civilians, reparations, and postconflict justice and reconstruction.

"There is a rich body of law, including postconflict justice, and it serves as a guide to developing conflict resolution and postconflict justice systems in the Muslim world," explained organizer and moderator Sara Elizabeth Dill, Partner, Anethum Global, and Arab Region Liaison Officer IBA War Crimes Committee. "As we look at modern situations in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya, we cannot ignore Islamic law or its provisions and teachings on the law of armed conflict. These can provide a useful tool for approaching conflict resolution in the region."

Discussing the historical context and specific laws contained within Islamic Law, as well as why these laws still apply today, along with Zoli were Ahmed Al-Dawoody, Legal Adviser for Islamic Law and Jurisprudence, International Committee of the Red Cross (“The Islamic Law of Armed Conflict and Differences to Western Interpretations”) and Asma Afsaruddin, Professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Indiana University (“War and Peace in Islam and in Everyday Life”).