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Professor David Driesen Discusses Airline Fees & COVID-19 in LA Times

Posted on Friday 9/4/2020
David Driesen

Airlines say they may have been money-grubbing fee junkies before, but no longer

(Los Angeles Times | Sept. 3, 2020) For anyone who believes airlines ding passengers with gratuitous fees for no better reason than because they can, America’s biggest carriers have an answer:


That appears to be the inescapable conclusion after United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines this week announced they’re permanently doing away with the whopping $200 fees they charged to change many bookings.

The carriers say they’re doing people a favor during the COVID-19 pandemic. They say they feel your pain ...

“With demand slack because of COVID, they must offer flexibility to get people to fly at all,” observed David Driesen, law professor at Syracuse University. “In other words, these fees are not raising revenue now, they are lowering it" ...

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