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Professor David Driesen Talks Comparative Executive Power on Ipse Dixit

Posted on Thursday 5/14/2020
David Driesen

David Driesen on Comparative Executive Power

(Ipse Dixit | May 13, 2020) In this episode, David M. Driesen, University Professor of Law at Syracuse University College of Law, discusses his article "The Unitary Executive Theory in Comparative Context," which will be published in the Hastings Law Journal. 

Driesen begins by explaining the unitary executive theory and why he doesn't think it is constitutionally required. He argues that expanding executive power is unwise and can lead to autocracy, pointing to Hungary, Poland, and Turkey as examples. And he explain why we should be wary of arguments from unitary executive theorists that the President should have more authority to remove officials, among other things.

Listen to the podcast.