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Professor Doron Dorfman Discusses Disability Law & "Deservingness" on Ipse Dixit

Posted on Wednesday 7/17/2019
Doron Dorfman

(Ipse Dixit | July 16, 2019) In this episode, Doron Dorfman, Associate Professor of Law at Syracuse University College of Law, discusses his article "[Un]Usual Suspects: Deservingness, Scarcity, and Disability Rights," which will be published in the UC Irvine Law Review. 

Dorfman begins by explaining his work on disability studies, health law, and law and psychology. He briefly explains the basis for modern disability law and how the ADA protects the rights of disabled people. 

He describes the empirical study, utilizing survey experiments as well as qualitative interviews, he conducted in relation to how Disneyland guests and parking lot users experience and perceive accommodations provided to disabled people. And he reflects on how the results of his study should inform our approach to disability policy. 

Listen to the Podcast.