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Professor Doron Dorfman Joins Leading Scholars to Publish Essay on Disability Rights During Crises

Posted on Wednesday 7/1/2020
Doron Dorfman
Guidry‐Grimes, Laura et al. "Disability Rights as a Necessary Framework for Crisis Standards of Care and the Future of Health Care." Hastings Center Report, 50:3 (June 2020). 

Professor Doron Dorfman has joined a group of leading bioethicists and disability scholars to publish a comprehensive article on healthcare and disability during crises in the leading journal Hastings Center Report.

In their essay, the authors suggest practical ways to shift the framing of crisis standards of care toward disability justice. 

They elaborate on the vision statement provided in the 2010 Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Medicine) “Summary of Guidance for Establishing Crisis Standards of Care for Use in Disaster Situations,” which emphasizes fairness; equitable processes; community and provider engagement, education, and communication; and the rule of law. 

The authors argue that interpreting these elements through disability justice entails a commitment to both distributive and recognitive justice. The disability rights movement's demand of “nothing about us, without us” requires substantive inclusion of disabled people in decision‐making related to their interests, including in crisis planning before, during, and after a pandemic like Covid‐19.