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Professor Doron Dorfman Publishes Crisis Standards of Care Study in Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

Posted on Monday 3/29/2021
Doron Dorfman
Ari Ne’eman, Michael Ashley Stein, Zackary D. Berger, and Doron Dorfman. "The Treatment of Disability Under Crisis Standards of Care: An Empirical and Normative Analysis of Change Over Time During COVID-19." Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law (Forthcoming 2021).

Forthcoming in the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, this paper is the first empirical study to show how state Crisis Standards of Care changed their treatment of disability and rationing overtime during the pandemic. 

Explains Professor Doron Dorfman, "We coded Crisis Standard of Care (CSC) rationing plans from 35 states to show how disability rights organizations were able to work with the Health and Human Service Office of Civil Rights to influence health policy. Many CSC have been changed overtime during the pandemic to make sure disability is not a cause for preventing care in situations of scarcity."

The authors conclude that disability rights movement’s successes in influencing state triage policy should inform future CSCs and set the stage for further work on how stakeholders influence bioethics policy debates: "We offer thoughts for examining bioethics policymaking reflecting the processes by which activists seek policy change and the tension policymakers face between expert delegation and mediating values conflicts."