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Professor Lauryn Gouldin Publishes Chapter in the "Handbook on Pretrial Justice"

Posted on Friday 11/19/2021
Lauryn Gouldin

Professor Lauryn Gouldin's chapter on "New Perspectives on Pretrial Nonappearance" appears in the Handbook on Pretrial Justice, edited by Christine S. Scott-Hayward, Jennifer E. Copp, and Stephen Demuth, published by Routledge (2022).

The Handbook covers the front end of the criminal legal system from pretrial diversion to pretrial detention or release. Often overlooked, the decisions made at the earliest phases of the criminal legal system have huge implications for defendants and their families, the community, and the system itself, and impact the entire criminal legal system.

This collection of essays and reports of original research explores the complexities of pretrial decisions and practices and includes chapters in the following broad areas: the consequences of detention, pretrial decision-making, community supervision, and risk assessment.