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Professor Nina Kohn Comments on the Power of the Nursing Home Industry in Politico

Posted on Tuesday 11/16/2021
Nina Kohn

"We Don’t Fix This Because We Just Don’t Care About Old People"

(Politico | Nov. 11, 2021) The sweeping social spending package inching its way through Congress contains billions of dollars for something that Americans don’t like to think about, and politicians don’t like to talk about: long-term care.

It’s the missing piece of the American safety net, and one that is particularly acute in an aging society. Long-term care — or what’s now called long-term services and support — is essential for millions of people who are elderly or people with disabilities who cannot do basic things such as feed, clothe or bathe themselves. But delivering such care is enormously costly, and Washington has addressed the issue only haltingly over the years ...

... “The nursing home industry is very powerful in state legislatures,” says Nina Kohn, an expert on aging and law at both Yale and Syracuse. “It’s really state sponsored market-failure. You are propping up an industry that people don’t’ want to use" ...

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