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Professor Nina Kohn Discusses NY Nursing Homes' "Liability Shield"

Posted on Monday 2/22/2021
Nina Kohn

Professor Nina Kohn Discusses NY Nursing Homes' "Liability Shield"

De Blasio gives "credit" to Democrat for not backing down from governor

(PIX11 | Feb. 18, 2021) Mayor Bill deBlasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have been at political odds over many things, and now, de Blasio is siding with Queens Democrat Assemblymember Ron Kim in Kim's feud with the long-time chief executive of New York state.

Kim said Wednesday the governor threatened his career during an angry phone call last week, something Cuomo's staff denied ...

... Health department officials finally acknowledged more than 4,000 additional COVID deaths could be linked to nursing homes, bringing the total for all long-term care facility deaths to 15,000 or more.

There was also lobbying by the Greater New York Hospital Association to get a liability shield provision into the state budget last year, according to Professor Nina Kohn of Syracuse University.

"It protects the entire corporate chain, and it protects them from civil and criminal liability," Kohn noted. "It protects them from any liability for shortages in resources or staff."

"There has been a very modest amendment," Kohn said, resulting in the partial repeal of the liability shield ...

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