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Professor Nina Kohn Offers "Teaching Law Online: A Guide for Faculty"

Posted on Wednesday 7/22/2020
Nina Kohn
"Teaching Law Online: A Guide for Faculty." Journal of Legal Education (2020).

As law school classes move online, it is imperative that law faculty understand not only how to teach online, but how to teach well online. 

Professor Nina Kohn's article is designed to help law faculty do their best teaching online. It walks faculty through key choices they must make when designing online courses and concrete ways that they can prepare themselves and their students to succeed. 

The article explains why live online teaching should be the default option for most faculty, but it also shows how faculty can enhance student learning by incorporating asynchronous lessons into their online classes. It then shows how faculty can set up their virtual teaching space and employ diverse teaching techniques to foster an engaging and rigorous online learning environment. 

The article concludes by discussing how the move to online education in response to COVID-19 could improve the overall quality of law school teaching.