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Professor Peter Blanck Helps USA Today with Mask, Vaccine Exemption Explainer

Posted on Monday 9/20/2021
Peter Blanck

Fact Check: Neither ADA nor Civil Rights Act Offer a Blanket Exemption to Mask, Vaccine Requirements

(USA Today | Sept. 14, 2021) The claim: Disability and civil rights laws protect the right to shop without a mask or proof of vaccination

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic critics of mask and vaccination requirements have falsely claimed several laws exempted them from generally applied health protocols.

The latest claim uses a misguided interpretation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to encourage others not to comply with businesses that require face coverings or proof of vaccination upon entry ...

Legal experts say ADA does not exempt individuals from following public health guidelines

Several disability law experts told USA Today the card misrepresents the ADA and has no legal basis for the assertions it makes.

“This is a bogus card that has no authority,” said Peter Blanck, a professor of disability and social policy at Syracuse University. “There is no blanket card that would protect anyone from following a mask mandate or showing proof of vaccination” ...

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