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Professor Roy Gutterman L'00 on Spectrum News: Oswego Sheriff Should Leave Politics at the Door

Posted on Tuesday 8/4/2020
Roy Gutterman

Oswego Co. Sheriff's Office Violates County Policy by Flying Trump Flag, Legislator Says

(Spectrum News | Aug. 3, 2020) Dozens of boats floated around Oneida Lake on Sunday showing support for President Trump. Members of the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office joined the parade while patrolling the flotilla.

The sheriff’s office said in a statement: “This flag was flown to show support of the citizens who were attending this event and to show recognition to the President of the United States for his constant support for law enforcement.”

State and federal laws prohibit law enforcement from political endorsements while on the clock ...

... It was an inappropriate time to take a stand, according to a legal expert.

“It could be any endorsement of any political movement and that would be inappropriate for any government official,” said Gutterman. “You need to leave your politics at the door when you put on a uniform" ...

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