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Professor Michael Schwartz Helps to Establish Tangata Group to Address Disability Rights

Posted on Wednesday 12/14/2016
Michael Schwartz

Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Disability Rights Clinic Michael Schwartz has helped to establish the Tangata Group, a non-governmental organization to provide technical assistance to international signatories to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), which was ratified by more than 165 nations 10 years ago. 

Schwartz’s co-founders are Professor Janet E. Lord, a key drafter of the CRPD, and Assistant Professor Brent C. Elder, Professor of Inclusive Education at Rowan University who received his Ph.D. from Syracuse University’s School of Education.

“This organization fights for the elimination of all forms of discrimination: systemic, individual, physical, attitudinal, and legal. The tenth anniversary of the United Nations treaty provides us with an opportunity to provide technical assistance to nations around the world in enhancing compliance with the treaty,” said Schwartz.

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