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Ryan Lefkowitz 1L Wins Hancock Estabrook, LLP 1L Oral Advocacy Competition

Posted on Thursday 2/11/2016
Ryan Lefkowitz

Ryan Lefkowitz 1L won the Hancock Estabrook, LLP 1L Oral Advocacy Competition, held by the Moot Court Honor Society. Lefkowitz and finalist Nick Dellafave 1L, argued the case, Anthony Daniels v. Kenny Baker, after several rounds of competition held over the past several days. 

The Hon. David E. Peebles, Chief United States Magistrate Judge for the Northern District of New York, served as the chief judge for the final round panel along with Janet D. Callahan, Esq. and Timothy P. Murphy, Esq. of Hancock Estabrook, LLP. Eighty-six first year law students competed in the competition.