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Shubha Ghosh Weighs In on the Spectrum Cable vs. New York State Battle

Posted on Monday 7/30/2018
Shubha Ghosh

New York's Order Kicking Spectrum Cable Out of State "Pretty radical"

Regulators' move to kick Spectrum, the largest cable provider in New York, out of the state is an unprecedented action that could lead to a long court fight, industry analysts and observers say.

"This is pretty radical," said Aija Leiponen, a professor of applied economics and management at Cornell University. "I've never heard of such a thing. It's very drastic."

The New York State Public Service Commission voted 3-0 Friday to rescind its 2016 approval of Charter Communications' merger with Time Warner Cable and ordered the company to cease its operations in the state ...

... Syracuse University law professor Shubha Ghosh said the commission may have taken such a drastic step to "give Spectrum a kick in the pants" to speed up its broadband build-out. 

If the dispute winds up in court, a judge will have to decide whether the company really has failed to meet its obligations, he said. But even if the court sides with the commission on that point, it would not necessarily order Spectrum out of the state, he said.

"The court does have some leeway on what the remedy would be, and it could be just a fine," said Ghosh. "The court could order the company to expedite the expansion and fine it if it fails to do so. I would think the effort would be to get the company to move faster" ...

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